Benjamin Barnes Music
Benjamin Barnes Music

Coaching & Lessons for Violin, Viola, Guitar and Vocals


Home Tuition


Online Lessons


In Studio


Young People

Children age three to 12 are instructed in the Suzuki method for classical music. Other genres like bluegrass, jazz, and rock’n’roll are available too. Ben’s elementary school teaching experience enables him to connect well with his students, making the lessons as enjoyable as they are educational.


Older People

Adult and teen beginners are taught from the Strictly Strings teaching methods manuals. Technique, vocabulary, songs and melodies from every kind of music are accessible to the layperson through this comprehensive learning method.



Group classes are offered for instrumentals and the fundamentals of music. Coaching is available for Classical Chamber Music Ensembles and groups playing Bluegrass, Jazz, and Rock music.


Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate and advanced students can choose any music that they would like to learn and are taught how to play and perform on a professional level. Students that want to learn improvisation are given the tools necessary to play Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock’n’Roll and other styles of fiddling. 


Online Lessons

Online lessons are very convenient for busy schedules. The software is very easy to set up (and free) on a PC or Mac. Please contact us for more specific information.


Specific Music Requests

Students wanting to learn specific pieces can avail of ‘ability accessible’ arrangements. First the selected music is transcribed, then lead sheets and custom chord charts are scored, all tailored to match the individual’s skill level. 


Student Recitals

Ben’s younger students perform music they have been working on twice a year in a casual recital format. These are relaxed events with the emphasis placed on gaining public performance experience rather than competition. Recitals for adult students are scheduled once a year and are voluntary. 


$65.00/60 mins
$55.00/45 mins

Violin and Viola lessons are $65.00 for an hour and $55.00 for 45 minutes.
Guitar lessons are based on a sliding scale.

Shorter lessons are offered (20 or 30 minutes) for children up to seven years old.

Classes are taught at my Studio in San Francisco or at the client’s home.


Please contact us with any questions or inquiries.